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Everyone (hosts, improvisers, musicians) who’s ever appeared in Whose Line Is It Anyway? plus the creators in the last pic. I did not include the radio series because of reasons.
The (occasionally extremely unflattering, sorry) screenshots were taken (in most cases) from the episode in which the person appeared for the first time. List of names, and links to their IMDb profile as follows:

Clive Anderson, Jon Glover, Jimmy Mulville, Josie Lawrence, John Sessions, Richard Vranch, Archie Hahn, Paul Merton, Rory Bremmer, Stephen Fry, Peter Cook, Tony Slattery, Betty Thomas, Jonathan Pryce, Graeme Garden, Jan Ravens, George McGrath, Rory McGrath, Richard Kaplan, Griff Rhys-Jones, Mike McShane, Enn Reitel, Greg Proops, Ron West, Paul Rider, Ryan Stiles, Sandi Toksvig, Neil Mullarkey, Lee Simpson, Arthur Smith, Chris Langham, Jim Sweeney, Mark Cohen, Julian Clary, Colin Mochrie, Denalda Williams, Steve Steen, Christopher Smith, Jim Meskimen, Stephen Frost, Chip Esten, Brad Sherwood, Sam Johnson, Jane Brucker, Russell Fletcher, Niall Ashdown, Caroline Quentin, Eddie Izzard, Ardal O’Hanlon, Karen Maruyama, George Wendt, Debi Durst, Wayne Brady, Laura Hall, Phil LaMarr, Patrick Bristow, Catherine O’Hara, Debra Wilson, Drew Carey, Kathy Kinney, Denny Siegel, Ian Gomez, Stephen Colbert, Linda Taylor, Anna Wanselius, Kathy Greenwood, Cece Worral Rubin, Anne King, Candy Girard, Jeff B. Davis, Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, Kathy Griffin, Aisha Tyler, Gary Anthony Williams, Heather Anne Campbell, Keegan-Michael Key, Jonathan Mangum, Nyima Funk, Dan Patterson, Mark Leveson.
frankywanky turned 2 today!

frankywanky turned 2 today!

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Daylight Savings Ends…

Daylight saving ends tonight. If you forget, you’re an hour early for everything. I went to my morning boxercise class, but accidentally went into the meditation class that uses the room before us and pummelled the meditation instructor for an hour. The police were called, but luckily they hadn’t changed their clocks either, and arrived an hour before I committed the crime.

- Frank Woodley

Your scaring me Wally!

Your scaring me Wally!


Adam Hills destroys Joan Rivers (Adele comments)

Adam Hills, host of the British TV Show “The Last Leg” responds to Joan Rivers comments on David Letterman. 


Good news!

If you’re a daily watcher, an occasional watcher, or even a not-that-often-at-all watcher (shame on you, watch it more) of Ready Steady Cook, you will have noticed that the show has been in repeats for possibly almost a year now.

Not sure why Channel Ten has put off airing the new season for so long, especially since they finished taping in September. Thankfully though, the new season of Ready Steady Cook starts MARCH 4TH!